What is a SSAS?

A SSAS (small self administered scheme) is a pension that is set up under trust by an employer for its key employers or directors.  It is different to a SIPP pension as SSAS investments are decided by all the member trustees whereas SIPP investments are decided by the SIPP member.

Who is a SSAS For?

A SSAS would be of interest to a company owner who would like the facility of the SSAS fund to be able to loan money to the company (up to 50% of the fund).  So as the interest is paid back it would go into the SSAS instead of to a bank. The SSAS could also be able to own the business premises for leaseback with the money again going back into the SSAS.

A SSAS would also be suitable for investment into our currency growth fund, the same as a SIPP could.

Benefits of a SSAS

A SSAS can provide income drawdown  instead of purchasing an annuity, which may be beneficial if annuity rates are low. You can also provide lump sum or income drawdown benefits for your dependants.

How do I set a SSAS up?

A SSAS Pension can be set up by transfers from other registered pension schemes. If any of the members have a pension or accrued benefits under any other pension scheme, these can be transferred into the SSAS and can be used to enhance the members benefits.


The SSAS pension fund is independent from the employer and, therefore, the assets within the SSAS pension will be protected in the event the employer ceases trading or goes into liquidation. This means the members can still take a retirement income from the fund at retirement.


When the member reaches age 55, they can start taking benefits from the plan. This is irrespective of whether they are still employed by the company or not. A Member can receive a 25% tax free lump sum (this is limited to 25% of the Lifetime allowance). The balance is then used to provide a pension income paid directly from the SSAS.

If you would like to set up a SSAS  or require further information, please contact your financial adviser


A brief explanation of a SSAS

A SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is a pension set up under trust by an employer, for employees, directors etc. All members of the SSAS have control over the investments. SSAS investments can be used to loan money to the company and can provide an income drawdown or lump sum to dependants. SSAS pension plans are separate from the employer and are safe in the event of company breakdown or liquidation.