• Forex is the trading of world currencies
• It is the world’s largest trading platform
• Nearly $5 TRILLION is traded every day by banks and financial institutions
• Currencies trade on an open market, just like stocks and bonds
• A currency's value fluctuates as its supply and demand fluctuates, just like anything else
• Clients’ money held in a  segregated account in a Tier 1 UK bank
• Regulated by the FCA
• Covered by the FS Compensation Scheme
• Annual growth  of circa 50%
• Client retains 100% ownership and control of the account
• Risk Management in place to protect clients’ capital
• Not connected to the Stock Market. If the Stock Market crashes, it does not affect FX trading
• Liquid investment which means access to capital/Income on demand



 Currency trading is considered to be high risk. As such, it may not be suitable for all investors. If you are unsure about the suitability of the Forex signal-trading service then please consult appropriate, independent financial and / or legal advice


A brief explanation of a SiPP

SIPP stands for Self-invested Personal Pension. It is a type of personal pension and is designed to provide an income in later life. You make contributions into it and receive tax relief in the same way as other pensions. The key difference is that you get much greater control over saving for retirement because a SIPP gives you more freedom to choose how to invest your retirement savings and manage them over time.


A brief explanation of a SSAS

A SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is a pension set up under trust by an employer, for employees, directors etc. All members of the SSAS have control over the investments. SSAS investments can be used to loan money to the company and can provide an income drawdown or lump sum to dependants. SSAS pension plans are separate from the employer and are safe in the event of company breakdown or liquidation.