Berkeley Knight Ltd is the UK Marketing company for a quantitative, algorithmic forex signal-trading provider.  Whether you are a large financial institution or a private individual, we invite you to benefit from this innovative, reliable and proven signal-trading service.

The Algorithm uses complex, mathematical, quantitative, probability, momentum based trading strategies to achieve an edge in the fast moving, multi-trillion dollar global foreign exchange currency markets. It is an innovative, artificially intelligent, genetic algorithm which constantly mutates, adapting to the changing forex markets, self-optimising its performance with a view to maximising clients'​ returns to c 50% annually.

The advanced, artificially intelligent algorithm is meticulously back-tested over 1, 3 and 5 year time periods using live, historic forex price data to help ensure that back-testing conditions are as close as possible to real life, live trading conditions, with every-tick price data being used to optimise algorithm parameter settings and performance.

Although the investment is primarily aimed at clients with a minimum of £10,000 cash to invest, it is SIPP compliant , but you would need to have your own route to market for SIPPs and SSASs etc..





A brief explanation of a SiPP

SIPP stands for Self-invested Personal Pension. It is a type of personal pension and is designed to provide an income in later life. You make contributions into it and receive tax relief in the same way as other pensions. The key difference is that you get much greater control over saving for retirement because a SIPP gives you more freedom to choose how to invest your retirement savings and manage them over time.


A brief explanation of a SSAS

A SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme) is a pension set up under trust by an employer, for employees, directors etc. All members of the SSAS have control over the investments. SSAS investments can be used to loan money to the company and can provide an income drawdown or lump sum to dependants. SSAS pension plans are separate from the employer and are safe in the event of company breakdown or liquidation.